It was a late night. You may possibly have had a glass of Chianti too many. How many times did the port go around? Anyway, for some reason, last Friday at the Drones Club, you took it upon yourself to make a bet with your fellow property developers. You bet, in your infinite wisdom, that you would own the lion's share of the city of Milton Keynes.
There's only one problem. It hasn't been built yet. Still, that leaves plenty of possibilities for an unscrupulous property developer like you...
Collect income from your buildings to buy land from farmers and make "campaign contributions" to local politicians, a necessity for obtaining decent plots. Buildings with many neighbours fetch more rent so don't be the first to build in the middle of nowhere! Political influence might let you play dirty tricks on your opponents. Don't be too surprised if they return the favour though.
Milton Keynes is a not-very-politically-correct boutique strategy board game for 2 to 5 players. Combining elements of topology & connectivity, empire-building, bidding, bluffing and trading, it delivers a fun and thoughtful gaming experience time and time again.
Each of the 280 wooden pieces included in a set are crafted and finished manually from high-quality wood; every one of the 210 point blocks is hand-painted. You will never have owned a game into which has gone so much love and attention!